• Superbonus 110%: extension 2023
    The resources for the extension of the 110% Superbonus until the end of 2023 have been released. The green light came thanks to the European Union Council’s approval of the Italian PNRR and the subsequent publication in the Official Journal of the Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 6 August 2021 on the “Allocation […]
  • Budget act 2021: news real estate
    The energy saving measures, with the resulting IRPEF/IRES tax deduction in ten annual, constant instalments, have been extended to 2021 according to the previously applicable guidelines.This benefit can be applied not only by private individuals and partnerships, but also by corporations and other entities subject to IRES. The benefit consists in the deduction of 65%/50% of the […]
  • Meetings via video conference
    Pursuant to Art. 66, para. 6 of the By-laws of the Civil Code, the following shall apply:Even if not expressly provided for by the condominium statute, the general meeting of the condominium may be convened by means of videoconference if the majority of the co-owners are in favor of it.
  • Superbonus 110%
    Law No. 77 of 17 July 2020 converted into law Decree-Law No. 34 of 19 May 2020 (the so-called Decree Rilancio), with some amendments that also affect the tax credit or the 110% building super bonus. We point out that this is a complex benefit that generally requires the cooperation of several people/experts/professionals, namely: the […]